Presentation 5th ed. of the Master “ICT for Development and Social Good”

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Come and join us to discover the 5th edition of the first-level Master programme “ICT for Development and Social Good”, the first of its type in Italy. The Master is designed and implemented by University of Turin, in partnership with ImpactSkillsONG 2.0 and thanks to the support of the Program Innovazione per lo Sviluppo, and under the patronage of the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS)

The Master is a 9+3 months, full-time programme that provides a practice and theory-oriented approach to learning that combines contemporary political, technological, methodological and ethical perspectives of ICT and development with skill-building activities and an Internship opportunity. The Master includes online lectures and residential crash courses held at Campus Luigi Einaudi in Turin (photos below)  and provides a groundbreaking transdisciplinary curriculum that brings together the immense experience of internationally renowned experts and academics from various Universities and International Organizations who will lecture in a number of modules and topics. 

The Master will tackle a number of topics: from project management and social innovation to technology for development; from ICTs for data collection and visualization to ICTs for health, civic engagement and human rights; etc. It will also explore the existing and upcoming new trends in the field of development and technologies such as the use of blockchains in the development sector, the importance of information security, and future implications of algorithmic intelligence in the development sector. 

Ultimately, the Master will offer a number of other opportunities for professional development such as Crash Courses that aim to develop practical competencies of students; internships that aim to immerse students into various real-life experiences; and many other opportunities.

Want to know more about the content of the Master? Want to understand better its schedule,  methodologies and eligibility criteria? Want to have a first glance of the lecturers?


Silvia Pochettino, Founder ONG 2.0- Impactskills, Master coordinator.
Opening, Welcome & Introduction

Fulvio Bersanetti Innovazione per lo Sviluppo Program, Master Donor.
Institutional remark: Why supporting the Master programme?

Prof. Egidio Dansero, Full professor at the University of Turin, Master Director.
Institutional remark: Why UniTo in this Master?

Prof. Elisa Bignante, full professor at University of Turin, member of Master Scientific Committee
Institutional remark: Why UniTo in this Master?

Pietro Orfei, Master Alumni 
Remark: Testimony

Georges L. J. Labreche, European Space Agency (ESA), Lecturer in the Master
Remark: Data (in D)

Ron Salaj, ONG 2.0-ImpactSkills, Master tutor
Presentation of the Master a.y. 2022-2023

Q&A, free space to answer any questions!

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